Dating on the job

These are some of the same activities successful job seekers put into play. You generally have to meet a lot of people before you find the right fit for a relationship. Pick up an etiquette handbook if you are unsure of what constitutes good manners. Show interest but do not be too available or easy (desperate).

Be careful what you confess on your first date/meeting/interview.

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Once he felt comfortable, he established some ground rules to make the process as efficient as possible: Sound a little like a to-do list on, say, your Outlook calendar?

Muska, a freelance writer from Bushwick, is just one of many serial daters who are spending more time on the prowl these days, essentially treating dating like a second job.

In dating, it shows his commitment life span is short.” No hiring manager will choose an applicant who demonstrates only weakness.

“Courting somebody personally or professionally requires you to leverage your skill set,” says Barbie Adler, founder and president of the matchmaking service Selective Search.

If you are offered a job, don't accept it on the spot!

Pay attention to your gut instinct, if something seems too good to be true, it probably is. In order for someone - anyone - to want to network with you or hire you, they have to believe there is something in it for them. Perhaps they are empathetic; however, this isn’t always the case.

Plus, it can leave you feeling down, because the rejection rate is higher.” So what’s the best strategy, then? That’s how Jen, a 30-year-old West Village resident who didn’t want to reveal her last name for privacy reasons, eventually found her boyfriend.

“When I first joined, I made myself go on four dates a week because I really wanted to meet someone,” says the consumer insights director.

Shirley, a production assistant from Midtown East who didn’t want to share her last name for privacy reasons, says that when she first moved to New York a year and a half ago, she forced herself to go on a date every Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday night each week — Thursdays and Fridays were reserved for hanging with friends — in addition to maintaining five to seven e-mail exchanges with other potential partners!

“It was a numbers game to me,” explains the 31-year-old.

A couple of months ago, Scott Muska decided it was high time to wholeheartedly throw himself into the dating scene.

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