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But based on what I call a "majority factor" (Meaning ...

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I'd like very much for you, Bob, and all others to would.

Let's all try to discover the accurate meanings of the codes.

He fails to mention how large a sampling he observed. That's's often where research actually begins. The 1935 Seven Up bottle that you show is marked with a five-dot.

From looking at this one sample you could make one of two statements about the bottle from information on the bottom. ALL Seven Up bottles from this bottler are marked with a five-dot. SOME Seven Up bottles from this bottler are marked with a five-dot.

So I guess this means you won't be contacting me for additional information from the book. because I usually charge a penny per word for that service. [: D] Thanks again, SPBOB I just read Lockhart's monograph on Owens Illinois bottles for the first time.

I have your PM address and the FBI can figure out the rest of it from there. That's a great idea, and one I thought of myself a while back, except that our library didn't have a copy of the book.There are some interesting tidbits that I have discovered but I'll not go into that on your thread.I have now viewed over 600 O/I soda bottles, both embossed and acl...still not a very big sample, if you ask me.I own 20 of the first 21 of them and they meet the criteria.The share common manufacture plant, common G-137 numbers , all have Duraglass, all have two digit date codes and all fall well after the 'early' years. There is no argument that these bottles were produced during 1937 and as all of mine were and are indicated with a 7 in the date code slot. I must assume at this point that the 7 is the dating device and the dot is not a dating code.As I understand, upon examining one, and only one sample, you can only make Statement 2.

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