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A verdict was announced 2 days ago in the case of 15 members of a large group of Mari El dating scammers. The cells operated independently from each other and used rental apartments in Yoshkar-Ola (the capital of Mari El Republic) and its suburb, a town called Medvedevo, to conduct correspondence with a large number of foreign citizens.

However, the judge spared the scammers the time in the labor camp and sentenced them to various probation terms.

Some of the defendants during their testimony offered to return the commission that they received to the victims of the scam.

Based on the fact of the case, the prosecutor ask the judge to sentence the defendants to various terms in a labor camp.

Among the defendants were: Refat Aitov, 1984 Igor Balakin, 1980 Ilyas Bulatov, 1984 (? The prosecutor alleged that the defendants in the case were members of two different cells of the group.

) Konstantin Rzhavin, 1984 Evgeniy Ryabinin, 1983 Sergey Sveshnikov, 1984 Vasiliy Sidorin, 1981 Rustam Faiskhanov, 1983 Sergey Shabalin, 1989 Aleksey El'terov, 1985 The prosecutor, Anna Gudova, alleged that the 15 defendants were a part of a much larger group of scammers. The lower-ranking members of the group were divided into approximately 10 pods or cells.

Among those names were: Tatyana Lavrentieva, Natalya Domracheva, Natalya Popova, Zoya Popova, Natalya Makarova, Tatyana Antipina, Ekaterina Schegoleva, Lyudmila Amokaeva, Nataliya Zvereva, Irina Kozlova, Ekaterina Chasovaya, Ekaterina Shingunova, Ludmila Mikheeva, Diana Osmanova, Elena Dubnik, Irina Kozakova, Nataliya Volkova, Nataliya Nagornaya, and others.

The scammers testified that they did not personally know the ladies whose names they used during the correspondence.

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They were arrested and tried together because both cells worked from the same rental 2-bedroom apartment in Yoshkar-Ola.

The larger cell was under the supervision of Sergey Zaveryanov (one of the defendants in the case), and consisted of 6 workers: Vasiliy Sidorin, Ilyas Bulatov, Rafael Bulatov, Rustam Faiskhanov, Aleksey El'terov, Sergey Onikov, Sergey Sveshnikov, and Artur Mikhailov.

According to their testimony, they had to forward all information about incoming money transfers as text message to a person whose identity they did not know.

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