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The Dating Detox first came to my attention a while back when it was due to be released under the title of The Dating Sabbatical. Not in the fact that Sass is a regular twenty-something who gets drunk/dates a lot, but in the fact that Sass decides to quit men for good. No book I’ve read has ever, out-and-out, had it’s main character stop dating full stop… I wondered how the romance would come into the book since Sass has sworn off men for good, and I knew the romance aspect would undoubtedly be a big part to the storyline, as the book is essentially a rom-com so it was great to see the book unfold in it’s entirety.

I could see completely why Sass was terrified of entering back into the dating world and did wonder if she would ever make that leap again.

All of the characters in The Dating Detox are fantastic.

Her life -- usually joyfully/traumatically occupied with dates, clothes and vodka -- is finally easy. She makes you laugh and root for the main character.

I read it when I was single and tried almost every dati If you can't date anyone nice, don't date anyone at all... Gemma Burgess reminds me of a real Carrie Bradshaw from Sex and the City, women love her and she just writes about dating, relationships, and sex so well.

After being dumped six times in a row, twenty-something Sass decides enough is enough.

On a night out with her friend Bloomie, Sass decides to begin The Dating Detox.

As such, the two aren't actually linked so if you hit Amazon on the hard copy it doesn't link the kindle book from there (and vice versa).

That may be the case in other retailers as well with such a complicated rights issue.

The writing style was similar to the other book I’ve read from Burgess, which was a plus.

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