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She's started an online fundraising campaign for Quitlooking, a dating app that focuses more on personality than looks."It's probably the love child of my failed love life, and a string of disaster online dating experiences," she told Saskatoon Morning host Leisha Grebinski.

"Attraction is important, but at the same time, it shouldn't be how we seek our loved ones."Mui's app would feature cartoon-like avatars that people would click on.

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Itinerary: Get tickets to a Pats game, get a photo-op with K9 the mascot, and then head over to The Canadian brewhouse for a post-game bevvy because there will most likely be another sporting event playing for you to watch @lumberjaxthrowing Destination: Lumberjax and a local pub of choice Itinerary: Invite another couple to join you at Lumberjax, throw some weapons in the air for shits and giggles, and then go out for drinks to Vic's, Leo's or The Fat Badger.

Emily Mui doesn't like traditional dating apps and has decided to start her own.

Destination: Various and The Artful Dodger Itinerary: Use this map to plan your own beer tasting tour.

After you've had a few wobbly pops, check out a live show at the Artful Dodger and do a little dancing in the meantime.

Destination: Wheelhouse Cycle Club and Glow Juicery Itinerary: Sweat your butts off together at Wheelhouse and then head over to Glow Juicery to reward yourselves with a post-workout juice.

Disclosure: Instagram that shit because you just achieved #couplegoals.

As a matter of belief, doctrine, and religious practice, TCC reserves the term marriage for the covenant relationship between one man (husband) and one woman (wife) to the exclusion of all others, as ordained by God.

It is the most intimate of human relationships, a gift from God, a sacred institution, holy, and central to the community of faith.

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