Dating since elementary school

” House District of the State of Texas, visited the seventh-grade Texas History classes this past Friday, May 11.

He spoke to the students on how the Texas legislature functions and he shared how his Christian faith impacts his role in government.

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A group of 16 joined three art students in Waco for the Division 4A competition April 9–11,2018.

On Friday, April 6, 18 schools came together to participate in the annual ACSI Art Festival, held at Faith Academy in Bellville, Texas.

In the Spring Issue, Volume 46, No.2 of the national online publication of NAHS News, the CCS National Art Honor Society was published with an article about their activities for this school year and five of their members’ artwork was published.

Physics students participated in the second annual CCS Magnetic Levitation Derby.

where we will honor and pray over the Class of 2018 before sending them off to become CCS Alumni.

Kindergarten students just completed a two-week research project on insects.The seventh-grade science classes have just completed “Code Blue”, a seven-week focus on the study of the human body.Students left with a greater appreciation of those who work in the medical field and most of all how “fearfully and wonderfully we are made!Grades 7-12 had 24 entries among 18 schools that participated in ten or more different categories of art.This week as a part of their budget project in economics, the senior class participated in a field trip to Kroger.Each student created their own magnetic levitation (MAGLEV) vehicle with magnets connected to the bottom so that it levitated on the magnetic track.

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