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I believe this could be the beginning of something truly helpful to those who need it.” Patrick ‘I’m thankful knowing there’s always a floor to fall back on, rather than a void without any next step or obvious escape.’ Michael ‘Anything that can increase awareness, promote understanding and lead to cooperation is a great thing.’ Stephen We are welcoming applications for 2gether from adults on the Autistic Spectrum of all ages.

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What a person should avoid though is being in denial of the things that are glaringly obvious to them.

The exciting thing about this venture is the partners have a record of understanding autistic people and what they need, and therefore they have based the venture on consulting autistic people to ensure delivery of well considered projects, and are involving autistic people in the delivery of those social projects. ’ Elvin “As someone with Aspergers and recently diagnosed, this programme gives me something that I’ve not had in a long time – hope.

What I hope for is a sense of community, of support, understanding and empathy for those on the spectrum – for that’s what we are; a spectrum of different quirks, irks and personalities.

People involved in design of the project have welcomed the news of the Big Lottery Funding.

This is what some of the people, across N Ireland, who have contributed to the design of 2gether, have said: ‘The current situation is often that opportunities for socialisation for autistic people are conceived, designed and organised for autistic people by neurodiverse people who don’t understand how to make the accommodations we need in order to achieve equality of opportunity – like organising an event for wheelchair users which involves a flight of stairs: our “stairs” might be fluorescent lighting, poor acoustics or even just the way a room is organised.

The project will have a ‘hop on-hop off’ style which means participants can access the project when needed, and can choose the parts that suit best.

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