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I inhered a pw 70, it is wery hard to find anything abaut it. I looked on Aria's web site and determined it might be a PE-R80 from the pictures, Has four knobs and a really odd, lg headstock. Just bought this repaired guitar from a thrift shop this aft. Lucky for me the repair to the bridge is not subtle but it is successful.

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I think about getting a new one from time to time but this one still sounds great. I can finde wery little information on the pw 70 on the net. Hi i obtained this via an ebay seller in japan a few yrs ago i would love to know a bit more about it is cherry sunburst ,an identical copy custom engraved truss rod cover ,diamond inlay on headstock braided wiring in cavity . It's in beautiful condition and the sounds is absolutely smooth. Any help you guys can offer would be greatly appreciated! With a serial # this low, I expect it would have been built in the early 70's or possibly in the 60's.

It's in excellent condition and I'm wondering if anyone could guess at its value. it is cud have been baut in the US in the late 70 or maybe the 80 ? I was able to locate the serial and model numbers.1st the serial:962669,next the model:5102G! I was also able to find another set of numbers on the neck stock,those are 1014351. Thanks, Jim Campbell I have an Aria guitar that I'm trying to figure out when it was made.

Any information regarding this instrument would be appreciated. All in has is a model number of "A9414" and another number stamped into the inside of the guitar of "61218".

I am trying to find out about a beautiful little classical guitar. Hello, I have an aria 12-sting guitar but I don't know how to put an age to it. I have owned a beautiful Aria 12-string, model 795 since the mid 70's. Any way I can get more info about this particular guitar? i like to no worth, when made,and if it is a (dreadnought) ?

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If anyone has information on the age of the A570, I'd appreciate it. Related Instruments: See this report if you are thinking about buying a Classical Guitar Hello, I inherited of my grandma’s guitar.

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