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If you are new to Debtors Anonymous, view the Newcomers tab for help getting started. We hope you will find the friendship and understanding we have been privileged to enjoy. Working the Steps freed us from a life based on illusion. If you want what we have to offer and are willing to go to any lengths to obtain it, then you are ready to follow these Twelve Steps The following information is provided as a service to the D. Event organizers, please email the webmaster on the Contact page if you would like to have your event listed here.

let us know your e-mail address where you wish to get more information.

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DA members who are not elected reps may also attend. For information on working DA by telephone, such as How to Have Pressure Relief Groups (PRGs) or Pressure Relief Meetings (PRMs) by Telephone, please visit Meetings/Meeting Support Articles.

__ Debtor's Anonymous Telephone Intergroup (DATIG) is made up of program volunteers, Intergroup Officers, and Intergroup Representatives from each Debtors Anonymous telephone meeting. is based on the suggested Twelve Steps of Alcoholics Anonymous, which we try one day at a time to apply to our lives.

Each meeting is responsible for keeping its posted format up to date.

Please consider electing a representative to attend DATIG meetings so we can more abundantly support the DA telephone meeting community.Sponsored by: Sedona into Action DA meeting (was DA/BDA meeting, now DA) Fifteen audio recordings from past workshops, on individual steps and other topics.To listen by phone: Visit the group's website for instructions: few workshops are also downloadable as MP3 files.7th tradition donations are welcomed and will help send their GSR to the DA World Service Conference.Also, be sure to contact both the DATIG webmaster and the DA General Service Office, so that meeting lists may be updated.

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