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Alas, it’s the town hall, though it does show what Germans think of their local government. I’d imagined something akin to a debauched garden of Eden.

Has nothing to do with breaking wind, breaking wind once or never breaking wind. It turns out it just means the more general “pleasure garden”.

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As China's expatriate population grows, many foreign women looking for love are saying this is the wrong place to meet Mr Right.

I also learned of the third-date rule — the most central and widely recognised of all dating rules — which decrees that there should be no sex until the third date.

Now whenever I go to visit his company we make a point of going out for “garbage kebabs”.) A Botschafter is not somebody who has sex with automatons. And if your boyfriend’s name is not Richard that might be a hard one to explain to your parents.

Said only to an enemy or a very easygoing friend, it means “Your mother suckles pigs” and is thus the most brutal insult known to mankind.

Pronounced something similar to “knob lock” it sounds excruciatingly painful until you realise it’s just garlic. I asked him what he meant, but he just kept saying “it is garbage,” so finally I ordered something else.

(As a side note, I once ordered a type of delicious looking sauce with my kebab in Germany. It turned out he had been trying to say it was garlic. As previously mentioned, when said correctly sounds like you are saying “I will hit you with shovel” or “I will leave you” or “I love Dick”. Dating words in german copulatory gaze, looking which males compete fiercely for reproductive privileges with females, and pair bond arrangements, in which a male and female will bond for life.Writer Rupa Dev preferred websites which emphasized authenticity and screened people before entering their names into their databases, making it a safer environment overall, so that site users can have greater trust that it is safe to date others on the site.Literally translated, Kugelschreiber means “ball scriber” which is also funny for other reasons. I’m not sure why but every time I read this on a menu in Germany or hear someone say it, it brings a smile to my face. Wow, such a long word, this must be an abstract legal term or a chemical name, right? Not in Germany where you are expected to know their full set of titles. It’s like “I am at once a male, a doctor and a professor, why would you seek to rob me of any one of those attributes?!” You might think this would be a house for rats, with little holes in the wall and rats darting to and fro. Pardon me if I got rather excited about visiting this park in Berlin.I initally thought this must be some kind of German dinosaur like Kohlensaurus Rex but it just means bubbles. Sounds absolutely filthy, but it’s their word for art. In English we would try to disguise what we are eating by calling it something quaint like “pork”. Australian solar power scientist travels the world for 15 years, takes photos, writes stuff, has toothpaste confiscated.

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