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The drives that stir us out of bed at dawn and hurl us headlong into our daily struggles have two sides.On the positive side, passions inspire us to achieve life's goals.If any had failed to cooperate with at least some others in the group or dropped below a minimal position in the social hierarchy, they would have met certain death by being cast out from the group.

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Each of us owes our existence to thousands of generations of successful ancestors.

As their descendants, we have inherited the passions that led to their success — passions that drive us, often blindly, through a lifelong journey in the struggle for survival, the pursuit of position, and the search for relationships.

We usually think of passion as restricted to sex or love, the burning embrace or constant craving.

But it has a broader meaning, referring to the drives and emotional fires that propel us in our quests through life.

Some argue that these mysteries should be left alone, pristine and untrammeled, shielded from the harsh glare of scientific scrutiny.

But is the woman who has her freedom and sense of safety crushed by a jealous husband better off unequipped with the knowledge of how to prevent her torment?

Consider first a fundamental sex difference in our reproductive biology: fertilization takes place inside women's bodies, not men's.

Now, internal female fertilization is not universal in the biological world.

Our goal has been to seek a deeper understanding of what makes men and women tick, the desires that drive people to heights of success or depths of despair, and the evolved mechanisms of mind that define who we are.

This book illuminates the dark side of sexual treachery, the mysterious puzzle of romantic love, and the central role of jealousy in our intimate relationships.

Both scenarios are distressing, of course, but which one is more distressing?

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