Dating your zippo

With personality in mind, they’ve also made innovations in their manufacturing processes to emphasize design by making customizations available on their website.

Zippo’s “Customize It” feature online enables consumers to upload any image they want imprinted on their lighter to create an even more unique Zippo, allowing users to make a statement about who they are and what’s important to them.

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Dating your zippo

Zippo works each day to ensure that their brand promises shape their business decisions.

They believe that quality starts at their roots, and supporting consumers who share their values is the most effective way to fuel growth.“We believe in communicating quality through our lifetime guarantee policy,” says David Warfel, global marketing director.

They engaged with consumers one-on-one via Twitter to commiserate about their pain of losing a beloved lighter.“The results from the campaign have been exceptional,” Warfel says.

“We’ve seen an organic increase of over 8,500 fans on Zippo’s Facebook and Twitter accounts.”“It is important for the future of the brand to have a strong presence on social media so that we can continue to nurture the relationships we’ve developed with our passionate fan base,” he adds.#Share The Pain is an example of Zippo furthering its investment in consumer insight, knowing where its target audiences live and engage with them in meaningful conversation. alone, Zippo continues to see over 100 tweets each month about lost Zippo lighters. As a brand, this offers Zippo an ongoing opportunity to engage with fans and offer condolences for lost lighters.

Zippo, a Bradford, Pennsylvania-based windproof lighter manufacturer, has achieved that level of success.

When most people hear or see the word Zippo, they recognize the brand immediately.These were placed to the left of the word Zippo, which left the space to the right free.Every effort is made to have accurate information, but we do not guarantee the accuracy of any information and you use the information presented here at your own risk.“‘It Works or We Fix It Free,’ which is threaded throughout the company.”Marketers, entrepreneurs, and company executives alike should consider the values a company operates within before creating a campaign or advertising strategy.By tying efforts to a brand’s promise, you’ll be creating something that is more meaningful–to you, your company, and your consumers.Building a brand that stands for something is challenging–it takes time and most importantly, authenticity.

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