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For example, Chinese people (like my aunt) love Korean dramas and have all these predispositions about how Korean girls are, but if you ask them if they’ve ever met or know a Korean person, the answer is usually no.

I guess this is just a human characteristic, and probably happens everywhere.

Chinese parents are a lot more tolerant these days when it comes to dating, but let’s assume that they crack the bamboo whip and will only bless a marriage with a Chinese girl.

Being the filial son that I am, I’m stuck with basically two categories of Chinese girls: Westernized or FOB. Picture Sloan from , never mind the obvious physical endowments, but personality wise, she’s intelligent, has a sense of humor, adventurous and independent (until in season eight you find out that she gets a 200K monthly allowance, but by this point I’m already smitten). And maybe I’m not looking in the right places in China, but a good majority of the mainland local girls do not reflect the characteristics I just described. I grew up in America, I have American standards, and of course, I’ll be more attracted to Americanized girls.

Anyway, one thing that I love about the US is its melting pot of talent, and it’s not just talent, but all aspects of culture.

I get this feeling that the Chinese impression of the world is very much a 井底之蛙 mentality, where what they think is real actually deviates quite a bit from reality.

And yes ladies, keeping it clean down there is the progressive thing to do.

In terms of levels of attractiveness, it was a trick question to begin with.and then, however for me to actively engage, I need to see a picture of you holding a piece of paper, or some sort of sign that says your username and the words experienceproject, like I am doing in my profile photo.साईट की सभी सुविधाओं और खासियतों का इस्तेमाल कर सकने के लिए आपको अपने ब्राउज़र पर फ़्लैश सामग्री देखने को अनुमति देनी होगी.I think it’s hilarious when I see Japanese porn with Chinese subtitles.You see a girl moaning “OOooo OOOooo” and it’s translated in Chinese with some actual verbiage like “你好大哦”。 I’d love to see which dictionary they pulled that translation from.I’m sure you already knew that neither I, nor anyone else, can come up with a solid argument for one or the other.

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