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In this generation, “dating” is completely different than it was years ago.

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Through our system, thousands of Jewish singles from different cultures, locations, ages & interests have found their match & we want to help you too.

Highlighting the thought behind coming up with Senior App, the CEO Spencer mentions, “We have designed this app on the basis of our thorough understanding of the loneliness many singles suddenly start experiencing after turning forty.

Things that need to go and how to replace them: Texting- Yes, yes, yes, I am guilty of this myself.

It is much easier to just shoot your boyfriend or girlfriend a text to see what they're up to and how their day is going.

While we’ve made tons of progress over the years in other walks of life, I think we could learn a thing or two from previous generations when it comes to dating.

Connect, Without the Connection The amount of times I have seen couples out on dates, staring blankly at their cell phones rather than actually interacting with the person they are supposed to be spending time with is too damn high.

In a world full of people prioritizing cell phones over face-to-face interaction and commitment complications, sometimes we just need to take a step backwards, literally.

The Match Maker Hub matchmaking process is created to make your Jewish dating process as simple, quick and personalized as possible.

While keeping up with your other half isn't a bad thing, there are other ways to remind them that you're there for them, such as writing letters.

A hand written letter sent in the mail with words that come from the heart just can't get any better. It may seem lame now, but people watching and conversing over food is just the trick to get over a stressful day, versus the alternative (Netflix and chill). Trust me, this is not e Harmony and you will not find your perfect “match." Try going out with friends, take your girls and hang out, a boy is bound to come your way.

Through our app, we have created avenues that help these seniors find companionship after they have crossed the 40-year mark.

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