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Nick Savoy, president and director, and Love Systems instructors team continue organizing workshops and lectures around the world, developing the technology of "science of relationships" and helping men improve their love lives.[] Based in Los Angeles the company has instructors located throughout the world.

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In his own words: "You are giving men the" tools "necessary to meet women." He also compared the Love Systems method to the use of push-up bras and makeup for women.

Several instructors Love Systems appeared on Canadian TV program "Keys to the VIP", structured as a competition between two men trying to complete challenges related to the achievement of women in a ballad ().

It reveals the techniques and methods that the most successful pickup artists use to attract women, get her home and close the deal.

I direct men who have problems talking to women or want to improve their dating lives to read Magic Bullets, the gold standard of seduction bibles written by Nick Savoy, one of the world's top dating experts and President of Love Systems.

It was founded in 2004 as Mystery Method Corporation and renamed Love Systems in 2007.

Founded in 2004 by Nick Savoy and Mystery () was the first company to offer practical training in seduction, in the form of a workshop where men are trained in the art of approaching women in bars and nightclubs using routines.

(Jeremy Soul)Jeremy Soul: Jeremy Soul is widely recognized as the foremost authority on meeting and attracting women during the daytime, aka Day Game.

He is the creator of the Love Systems Day Game Workshop, the author of the forthcoming book Daytime Dating, and is one of the most respected and admired Dating Coaches in the world.

I wrote this book for the man who from time to time sees a beautiful woman walking past him, sitting next to him on the subway or browsing a magazine in a bookstore and wonders, "How can I talk to her?

" Reading this book will give you enough information to go out and meet wonderful women in almost any daytime venue, to talk with them, date them and bring them home with you.

In 2010, Love Systems Brazil began its operation, launching the first site of the Love Systems in Portuguese.

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