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Being gay does not handicap the judgment of an individual to engage in safe sex.Slide rules prices are strongly influenced by the general availability of a specific slide rule model; manuals are as well - just good ol' supply and demand in action.

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Don't gay people, men in particular, have a drastically increased risk of aids?

AIDS exists in society, sure, however, it is not exclusive to the gay community, nor should it be used as leverage against homosexuals.

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The part 5 of the article 20 of Law on Documents and Archives of the Republic of Lithuania determines fixed restrictions on access to the documents which contain information on person’s private life, as well as to structured sets of personal data - 30 years after the person’s death, and in the event of failure to determine the date of death – for a term of 100 years from his birth.i was at a poker game at my friends house when his daughter came out to everyone there, i didnt want to breath, but he was calm and told her how brave she was for telling him and he loved her, after wards i said wow you took that pretty well.

However, some manuals are much harder to find than the rules they originally came with (engineers never read manuals, they just stick them on the bookshelf, or, toss 'em). Sun Hemmi 269 "Civil" Slide Rule Manual - How to use the special-purpose, Hemmi model 269 Civil Engineering slide rule.

The upshot: some of these manuals have what seem like screwy prices to me. Fiesenheiser w Ith special sections on Civil, Mechanical and Electrical Engineering applications. Keuffel & Esser Log Log Duplex Decitrig Manual -126 pages of sage advice and slide rule antics from the experts Kells, Kern and Bland. Some have turquoise covers, some have olive, but the contents are the same.

The list goes on and on as to why this is a bad idea.

However, then you went on, and ruined your stance on the issue by babbling nonsense.1)Gays can't reproduce- while this is true, there are literally thousands of children that have been brought into the world by straight people that have been orphaned and/or abused.

But when I adjusted them to what they seemed was right, either I would immediately sell the copy(ies) I had and wait months to find another, or it would sit. So the prices may seem screwy, but they are dictated by those fiscal demi-gods, the Market Forces. Applicable to all Log Log Duplex Decitrig models, including 4081, 4181, 68 1210, 68 1215. Keuffel & Esser Decilon Manual - Explication of K E's Magnum Opus. Feel free to specify color, if you have a preference. Keuffel & Esser "Cooke Book" - Manual for the K E 4139 Cooke Radio Slide Rule.

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