Did justin timberlake dating jessica simpson

In a press conference with the Hollywood Foreign press, Justin recalled how they started dating.

“There was nothing starry about the way we got together.

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Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel have one of the most enviable romances in Hollywood, but their relationship wasn't always sunshine and daisies.

Before famously tying the knot in Italy in 2012, Jessica and Justin hit a bump in the road and briefly split in 2011 after four years of dating.

"You just have to make time for date night, time for yourself alone and time with your partner," Biel shared, speaking alongside Dr. "You have to continue to make the space for yourself and your partner to just have fun like you did before you had kids.

Harvey Karp while celebrating the SNOO Smart Sleeper at the Happiest Baby event.

Surprisingly, for being a high-profile celebrity couple, they’re more normal than you’d think!

Here’s 10 things you might not know about Justin and Jessica’s relationship.

It was very un-Hollywood-esque, in fact,” Justin said. Afterwards I asked my friend if I could call her and ask her out.

My friend called Jessica and Jessica said yes, and so I called her.” He added, “I had to be pretty persistent in order to get her to say yes.

Today's news is said to be Justin’s decision and sources say the actress is simply ‘devastated’.

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