Dollicia bryan dating hill harper

He's 47, looks 10 years younger thanks to self-maintenance and good genes and is unmarried with no kids.

We don't really hear about him hopping from woman to woman either like pigs Clooney and Stamos.

The rep confirmed the rumors, stating, “Yes, Drake & Dollicia are dating. Just last week, Dollicia was rumored to be dating newly-single Kris Humphries but it appears that was just a rumor.

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Peep a few quotes from Jill when you Read the rest of this entry » Congratulations are in order for actress/singer Jill Scott. To see what Jill thinks of her big chestednessssssss click here.

Jill has revealed to reporters that she is pregnant with her first child.

, which was founded by Bryan's cousin Dory Gannes, is a 501c3 organization that provides educational opportunities to disadvantaged young people in the Olevolos village of Tanzania.

"I want to personally thank everyone who made it out to charity brunch yesterday," Bryan said in a statement.

Now, the bombshell is spending some quality time with her new man. Star magazine reported that the basketball player asked to be set up with the Latina vixen, whom Kardashian allegedly hates.

According to Global Grind, the two met in January this year while the cover girl was still dating actor Hill Harper."It was our most successful brunch yet, we raised enough money to school 22 students for an entire year, which includes all school fees plus affiliated items (from supplies, clothing, sleeping bags), along with medical expenses and various activities including a summer camp!She slips an expensive Rolex around her wrist and slings a stylish ,000 Gucci bag over her shoulder. Today, players are less likely to meet girls at a strip club or bar than they are on Facebook — as was the case for two women who linked up and went on to bear children with New York Jets father of nine Antonio Cromartie. The groupies are quick to shame, posting pictures of themselves in hotel rooms for wives to find, or revealing intimate details about someone’s off-field performance.‘OFFICIAL Groupie,” a rosy cheeked Florida-based beauty, coaches inexperienced groupies. “See, the smarter ones are on to your gold digging groupie a$s. cousins/homeboys that handle their business/money). They’ll be easy to recognize cause they always look ‘lost’ and ‘slow.’ He barely makes eye contact.The two were recently spotted going to dinner (see video) and Hill confirmed the scoop on Twitter letting his fans know not only is Dollicia sexy, but she can also throw down in the kitchen: After the video of the couple going to dinner surfaced, Hill took to Twitter to warn people not to put too much thought into it.Last night Dollicia had her birthday party at club Colony in New York and her alleged boyfriend Hill Harper (whom I’m told have been going together for about 4 months now) was right there front in center next to her the whole time.Anderson and Ben were suited up in that pic because they attended a lunch earlier today given by Vanity Fair in honor of the publication of Giancarlo Giammetti's new book: I guess Gwyneth skipped that lunch, even though she's quite close to Valentino.

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