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Therefore, to take advantage of a person who more than likely has some serious value issues, is pretty messed up. In in the episode, which aired last Thursday, we meet a twice-divorced 50 year old woman named Sarah who is madly in love with Chris Olsen.

And that’s what I kept in the forefront of my mind as I watched a recent episode of the Dr. Normally, I’m not a fan; however everyone kept talking about this pitiful and desperate woman who had given most of her inheritance away to a man she claimed she was in love with. They have been dating for a little over a year and Sarah is hoping that they can one day, marry.

Phil saying she was at her breaking point and absolutely desperate for help.

There relationship has existed online and through telephone calls.

Apparently Chris, who is an Italian national, is stuck in Benin, West Africa.

She is not entirely certain whether he is running drugs.

Gail, Dawn’s sister, chimed in to point out that when Dawn got a phone call from a doctor claiming that he could not be released from the hospital unless Dawn paid his bill. This is exactly why I am afraid to watch that MTV show, .

She said she sometimes calls him dozens of times every day because she loves hearing his voice. Back on the set, Dr Phil tried to maintain an impartial tone, despite his clear skepticism.

Dawn tried to rationalize which law enforcement officers might be answering his phone and why.

They seem to indulge her because it “makes her happy.” But throughout the episode, you also get a sense that her family was just “happy” she had something to do. Particularly her daughter, who expressed concern about her mother’s fictitious relationship, but was more concerned about how the money that went to Chris, could have been better spent on her upcoming wedding. Instead he often delves head first into mockery and humiliation.

During the episode, he aggressively calls Sarah out for for missing the signs that she was dating a scammer.

Some may say that it is folks who make their foolish hearts readily available that are to blame.

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