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A third – anonymous – accuser claims she was assaulted in the same way by Hoffman while she was working as an extra on the same film.She claims he invited her to the end-of-filming party in New York and then offered her a lift home with several colleagues.’ The woman says Hoffman then gave her and asked her to join him at his flat.

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In any case, nothing was done until seven years later when Miss Thomas confided to friends.

The stories have been piling up – and getting increasingly more damaging – since last month, when he was accused of sexually harassing a 17-year-old production assistant Another accuser, Melissa Kester, was not much older – just 20 – when she says she was sexually assaulted by Hoffman in a recording studio.

Miss Thomas, the daughter of the former Liberian ambassador to the UN and now a playwright, recalled how the two girls and the actor spent a pleasant day together in New York in 1980. She claimed the actor, then 42, eventually put on a bathrobe, sat on his bed and asked her to massage his feet.

Karina’s mother was divorced from Hoffman and he was staying in a hotel, where the trio dined before they went to his room for Miss Thomas to wait for her parents to pick her up. Hoffman is now cast as a predatory monster, submerged under a stream of sordid allegations of sexual misconduct. Miss Thomas, then an aspiring actress who’d idolised the actor, said she felt disgusted, but too intimidated to refuse.

She told Variety that Hoffman subsequently was sitting in a recording booth and asked her to join him, when he proceeded to assault her.‘He literally just stuck his fingers down my pants. I just froze in the situation like “Oh my god, what is happening?

” ’ Desperate not to react for fear of alerting her boyfriend, she eventually managed to move away.‘He kind of laughed.

She says he also enjoyed groping her breasts when they posed for photos together, taking his hand away at the last minute, except on one occasion – a photo of which has now been published – when he was too slow and was caught in the act.

Making matters worse, she says, their colleagues on the production were not just turning a blind eye but actively colluding with his behaviour.

‘One night in Chicago, I felt his hand up under my slip on the inside of my thighs,’ she says.

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