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The players will control one Ed at a time, each with his own unique strength and weakness, and may dynamically cycle through the three main characters.

Players will explore 12 levels, each offering a short animated cut-scene at the beginning and end.

The object of the game is to help these resourceful preadolescents win a contest whose grand prize is a lifetime supply of jawbreakers.

Throughout the game, Ed, Edd and Eddy will tap into their unique brand of resourcefulness as they earn money, solve physical puzzles, interact with their pals from the cul-de-sac and find hidden goodies.

The Regular Show is anything but, as all you viewers know!

Best friends Mordecai the blue-jay and Rigby the racoon, who work, or at least pretend to work, for Benson, a living gumball machine and groundskeeper for a huge park.

Also collecting the bubbles will increase the points. After completing 3 levels the player having highest score will win the game...its a competition between the players.controls for ED - aremoves- w,a,s,dhit- qcontrols for EDD - aremoves- i,h,j,khit- ucontrols for EDDY - aremoves- arrow keyshit- 0.

is a rather confusing little game: the art and writing are on par with the show and the gameplay is styled after The Lost Vikings (each of the Eds has unique abilities that need to be used to get all three to the exit), but there's a lot of really cryptic puzzles that are hard to figure out..to mention the incredibly unsatisfying ending.

Also living in the park are Skips, a seemingly immortal yeti filled with invention, and Pops, a lollipop man with a jolly sense of humour, who babbles nonsense at times.

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