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He tried tweeting a few things for first few month, but stopped abruptly.

He thought sharing pictures and Tweets on social media sites was a way of inviting rude remarks from haters and making one’s life public. And I don’t think, he will be back again,” explained the informant. The first time when he tweeted was on June 11 and the last time he posted anything was on September 20 this year. “Check out my mate robs video it's for a great cause and it's actually pretty funny...him!

On performing with CGI creatures in Alice Through the Looking Glass, Ed told Interview magazine earlier this year, "The fantasy element does bring a different slant to it but what's more important than anything is who your character is within that world.

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“Comedy is not something that had necessarily jumped out as something I'd immediately go for and he instilled a confidence in me... Sacha Baron Cohen was involved as well and he knows how to get the right results from people and do it with such a charming demeanour as well, which I think is cool.” • Alice Through The Looking Glass is released in cinemas on May 27.

Well, we all know that half of the girls out there have a huge crush on the hot movie actor Ed Speleers. We all know that this hot and dashing actor from his Eragon days as well as Jimmy Kent in the Golden Globe and Emmy award-winning TV series ‘Downton Abbey’. And as we mentioned above, he has a massive female fan following. Despite owning an official account on Twitter, this actor hardly ever tweets or posts anything on his Twitter handle.

The 27-year-old, who shot to fame in the 2006 film Eragon, plays James Harcourt in the movie based on the book by Lewis Carroll and the sequel to 2010’s Alice in Wonderland.

Most of the cast and crew from Alice in Wonderland are back for the whimsical adventure, which sees Alice returning to Wonderland and travelling back in time to save the Mad Hatter.

But what I liked about James was that he instilled this inherent confidence in your own ability, which I think is really important.

He was really good at making you feel that every moment was really important and how to get the timing right.Equally, if I hadn’t been there I might not have had some of the opportunities I had.” His big break came at the age of 17 as the lead in the Hollywood movie Eragon with a cast that included Jeremy Irons, John Malkovich and Rachel Weisz."It was a baptism by fire in some respects," he told Interview magazine.He gave us the reason behind Ed’s inactivity in Twitter.According to the insider, the actor is a rather private person.But unfortunately, the unfavorable critical responses shattered his dreams,” the source told.

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