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The oldest depiction of a loom was found at Badari on a pottery dish dating from the middle of the 5th millennium BCE while the first known pictures of weavers were drawn during the Middle Kingdom.

The loom was horizontal with a wooden support for the warp beam and a cloth beam that could be rotated, to which the ends of the warp threads were tied and onto which the woven cloth was wound.

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There are four varieties of it, the Tanitic, the Pelusiac, the Butic, and the Tentyritic--so called from the various districts in which they are respectively grown.

The resulting yellowish or greyish fibres were in the form of flat, 60 to 80 centimetres long strips, each consisting of 20 to 40 single fibres.

These strips were then divided into strands of the required thickness.

Until the Late Period many pairs of strips were spliced together end to end and twisted into rove, which was then spun into thread .

The coarser fibers of these fully matured plants were used for making strings and ropes.

The plants were uprooted, turned upside-down and the earth adhering to the roots shaken off.

Sheaves were formed with the blue flowers showing on either side of the sheaf.

The men carried the sheaves on their shoulders, children are depicted carrying them on their heads. The next step performed by the Egyptian is unknown, but stalks were cooked, retted in water or left for a while lying on the ground until they were partly rotted.

Egyptian spinners often used two spindles simultaneously, with balls of flax roves lying on the ground or in low containers, which served as a sort of distaff.

Sometimes the spinster stood on a foot-stool in order to have the greatest distance possible between the spindle and the flax.

In the latter part of the first millennium BCE the splice-and-twist technique was abandoned in favour of draft spinning, where the fibres are drawn from a loose mass of raw material gathered on a distaff. the size [of the 12th dynasty spindles] varying from 7 to 15 inches long.

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