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I was working in advertising in Brighton, while he did a number of odd jobs.

He’s a British Muslim and used to speak to me about the religion.

I was raised as a Christian but never felt very connected to it – it was just something I was born into. He never asked me to convert - but the more I learnt and understood, the more I wanted to.

Now I’m absolutely Jewish and can say that converting to Judaism was the best thing I did - even though it took me years (and a divorce) to see that".

Julie Gray is writing her third book Israel the Musical, and runs peace initiative Truth & Beauty.

In my mind there’s no god - that’s why I was able to convert and not feel the need to officially revert. Hannah Martin is the co-founder of mums' group Talented Ladies Club.

Julie Gray, 51 "I grew up in the US and always felt I didn’t have a strong identity. He was more ethnically Jewish than religious - so when he asked me to convert he surprised himself too.I really enjoyed festivals like Ramadan, and started to enjoy the religion.But after we’d been in England for a while, my husband started to cling on to his religion more than he had when we’d met.Zara Gluch, 30 "I’m originally from Poland, where Islam is something people don’t talk about or even tolerate. My friend once had a Muslim boyfriend and I remember saying to my mum, 'I would never go out with a Muslim man – I would never change my religion'.But then I came to England when I was 20 and met my boyfriend.I’ve spoken to three women who each have difference experiences of converting to a different religion – the only thing they have in common is that their decision was influenced by love. Hannah Martin, 43 "I was raised in the Church of England; christened and confirmed.

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