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When sober he stumbles and mumbles, after a wee sips he becomes a fluent french speaking Lothario.

Is it all in the mind do you think, and the locals are having them on?

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It mimics how I conceptualize the information offered by the date (although that's a chicken-and-egg argument waiting to happen....).

After all, knowing the MONTH first allows you to visualize exactly what time of year we're talking about -- late spring, middle of winter, early summer, etc.

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" We might write dates as July 8th 1897, but we never write them as 07/08/1897. British English is more logical than American English.

Later this year both "sides" will agree on a date in June: Thursday 06/06/06. After the 12 December 2012 (12/12/12) it will be a long time before we can all write the date in the same way.

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I've encountered the same style on British tombstones prior to the 1920s.

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