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So I guess there’s not an app for everything (yet).

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TF: They never said that the device would be porn free, just that the store would be.

We haven’t heard anything from Apple but suspect they welcome us helping to promote Face Time.

Flexi SPY’s Face Time spy software allows you record conversations as they are happening and also takes pictures in real time using the i Pad monitoring app.

For a parent, it is crucial to know what is really going on in your child’s life, especially with increased access to technology like the i Pad.

Watch the video Flexi SPY’s i Pad monitoring app lets you remotely spy on the activity of a target’s i Pad using Face Time.

You can listen to conversations and capture pictures of the device’s surroundings remotely and in real time.Track the whereabouts of the company’s i Pad through pictures and listen to conversations to ensure your employees are doing as they say. Flexi SPY’s Face Time spy software is the perfect tool for getting your device back!Take pictures of the i Pad’s surroundings to see if it’s where you last left it or use the live audio to determine who may have taken it.We offer the ultimate in customer satisfaction and provide a truly memorable first (and ongoing) experience with Face Time.Following the adult industry’s long tradition of calendar girls and monthly playmates, they’ve named the first Miss Face Time, Charlotte Stokely.With Flexi SPY’s Face Time spy app, you can feel secure knowing your children are where they say they are and know they are making the right decisions. If your teen does not come home or you suspect they are engaging in dangerous behavior, access their i Pad’s microphone and camera to hear what they are doing and see where they could be.

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