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Here's the link to the latest version if you're interested: https:// It has a story, voice acting and it became a hentai game. I may play this game multiple times just to try the different combinations. I really liked the combat system too Interesting premise. more of like a typical anime style japanese dating sim games.

as it crashed a lot, I have to give it a low rating.

the game doesn't play even doing basic things like saving.

Truly, it has been a great ride to witness, and it is a great loss to lose it.

While we're sorry to close the doors, we look back with a very big smile at what we all accomplished in those 17 years together.

once when I tried to use the very first save crystal, once when I tried to use a potion from the menu. also why do I have to fire my weapon in the direction of the mouse? Can't get weapons, can't fight, can't do anything besides start skills upgrades.

Why can't I just fire a weapon off in the direction I face.

We thank everyone who participated for making the Game Community one of the best on the internet.

It served as a meeting ground, a help platform, a playground, a private place to converse with like-minded individuals, and a staple for so many over the years.

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