Flirting naughty sex tube

You guys know Naughty America really doesn’t have “episode” titles for their videos, it’s usually just from different sites that you get access to when you join Naughty America. What’s happening in it, the TLDR version is this guy is broke, Nikki is going to help him pay for his mortgage but he is going to have to fuck her whenever she wants.

The guy tries to play the ole I have a wife card but once Nikki tells him to start eating her pussy he puts that excuse away and gets to licking.

I mean the guy is just sitting there not knowing what to do as she rides his dick with ankles on his shoulders LOL.

She bring her coworker upstairs and as she is walking up there she drops her robe to show him just her underwear that she is wearing.

Wouldn’t it be nice if that’s the underwear girls wear all the time.

Alexa just kind of shakes her head at first but then she gets an idea stuck in it.

Eventually she just says fuck it, takes off her dress to show she is in a super hot matching bra and panties set as well as some thigh high stockings.

So she seduces him at the office, I imagine it’s not that hard when you look like Nicole here.

This scene is actually a creampie scene as well for those of you who like that.

Anyways the co-worker is a little freaked out by what is going to happen but once he see’s her he is totally down to bang.

Yurizan gives him a good fucking, giving him one of those anger fucks.

This is a pretty hot scene from the guys over at Naughty America.

You get to see Nicole Aniston here fucking in some pretty exotic positions.

So it looks like September is the month to join, if you were thinking about it!

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