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We would never PAY individuals to relocate here, grant them 75% tax exemptions, and claim it is progress to increase the population.

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Growing Like Cancer Idaho is experiencing a growth spurt unequaled since the days of homesteading, free mining claims, free cattle grazing, and water rights. The modern version of those government give aways come in all sorts of “economic incentives” which has local citizens PAYING corporations to move businesses to the Treasure Valley and the rest of the state. The problem comes when businesses come here to do things they couldn’t do elsewhere.

Things like pollute with dairy cattle waste that wouldn’t be allowed in California.

Cruisers, racers, sailors, and fishing enthusiasts find everything needed for a wonderful weekend getaway, a mini vacation, or an ideal family ‘summer home’.

The Brewer Yacht Yard Group has a great program that can save money for you and your friends.

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Brewer Pilots Point Marina welcomes you as part of our family community, and invites you into our relaxed boating lifestyle.

From water sports, swimming, picnicking, and special events …

A reader sent us the fallacy of “job creation” with this CRAIGS LIST post encouraging even more Californians to move to Idaho and experience the “American Dream.” This scenario plays out weekly through Idaho and it is ruining a lifestyle, culture, and ultimately a society.

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