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Former parishioners who abandoned the pews after the sex-abuse scandals not only stopped giving money to the church, but also reduced their overall charitable donations, according to the study.

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The affected outcomes do not revert to pre-scandal levels even more than 10 years after the occurrence of the scandal."The one piece of good news they have for the church is that this dynamic seems to be geographically limited."The effects are mostly concentrated in the zip code in which the scandal occurs, with small spillovers to adjacent zip codes," they write.

"When an accusation comes to light, it has similar consequences at the place where the accused priest is working at the time of the accusation, and, if different, at the place where the accused priest allegedly perpetuated the abuse."So revelations regarding pedophile priests have driven a significant number of Catholics away from the church—apparently for good.

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"Religious networks can take advantage of unique conditions for eliciting charitable contributions from members," they note."One possibility is that households leaving the congregation discovered non-Catholic charities that provide social services similar to the Catholic charities, but they did not contribute to (them) because of the lack of social pressure they once faced while in the congregation."Whatever the specific cause, the "effects on scandals on religious participation and charitable giving follow somewhat similar patterns," they write.

"The effects increase in magnitude during the first couple of years after the scandal, and then they remain stable at that level.

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