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It was a terrible relationship and I kept telling her to leave, but she wouldn’t. I do know that if you’re seeing signs you should give up hope, then you shouldn’t keep hanging on to a dead marriage.”Your first job is to figure out why you’re wondering if your marriage is over. What circumstances, decisions, behaviors, words and events led you here?

So that’s why I don’t ask for or give relationship advice. That is more important than the signs of a troubled marriage below.

Remember that even if your marriage contains every one of these struggles, you may not be looking down the barrel of divorce just yet.

So, you tell me: is your marriage over because your goals, visions, and dreams are from different planets?

Or, are you both willing to work together to find a happy middle ground that includes both forest elves and grandpop?

When you first got married, you probably felt understood, heard, and connected with your partner.

Time passes, and the stress of daily life and kids and jobs and money and house all take a toll…and you find that you’re not connecting anymore. This isn’t necessarily a sign your marriage is over – it just means you need to make time and effort to reconnect.

But since you’re here, you might as well read the most common signs a marriage is over…“I just want to put this out there for all the other women in unhealthy relationships and to the wives who are ignoring the signs their marriage is over,” writes Kara on 5 Signs You Should Give Up Hope in Your Relationship.

“My mom stayed married to my dad for 36 years even though she kept asking me if their marriage was over.Your husband wants six more children; you’d rather sit in a corner and daydream about forest cottages and elves.Your husband wants his grandpop and nana to live with him in his four million dollar home; you can barely pick up the phone when grandpop calls.One of the most difficult – and common – relationship problems is the simple lack of energy and motivation to continue to try to save a troubled marriage.You’re both too aware of the problems because you’ve been dealing with them forever…and it just doesn’t seem worth the effort anymore.The more your past problems enter current arguments, the less healthy your conflict and communication style is.

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