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In a great many other cases, however, we are una- ble to detect any fixed principle, and must rest satisfied with saying that we have the authority of the poets for making such syllables long or short.Consult remarks on page 29, Observation 1, with regard to a short vowel before a mute followed by a liquid.

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Very few rules are given, it will be perceived, for the struc- ture of Latin verse.

This forms a distinct department of study, for which, at some future day, a separate work will be prepared ; and this intended work will also contain the Essay 0:1 Leonine and Macaronic Versification, which was to have ft rmed part, of the present volume, but which has been omit- ted through fear of making the work too large a one.

Carey and Professor Ram- say, especially the latter, and he has introduced into the pres- ent work whatever appeared of value in these and other publications of a similar nature.

And the character U, to indicate it when a vowel, is, like the letter J, a modern invention.


The letter H is to be regarded, not as a true conso I ant, but as a mere breathing.

PROSODY treats of the Quantity of Syllables, and of the different Species of Verse.

A Syllable is composed of one or more Letters ; as, /, in, in-tus.

The letter J was altogether unknown to the an- cients.

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