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didn't see many fish but the coral reefs where nice. The crew of boat are great, tell Captain Ron and firstmate Richard I said HI!! We took about a 15 min boat ride and snorkled for 45 minutes then went to another spot about 10 min away and snorkeled another 45 min. It is possible that some of the ROH Double rooms could have an Ocean View, however it is not guaranteed.The views in the ROH category can be ocean, garden or pool or resort view and are subject to availability.if you need to make smaller payments in between, however, you can arrange this by calling our Concierge department at 1-800-915-2322 at the time you wish to make the payment.

Yes, book all off property excursions through the resort, much safer.

There were several people when we were there that did not and had trouble with having their money taken (no one got hurt just mysteriously lost their $$$) or were detained by not so honest "police" that needed something for their efforts...

Be safe use the resort staff you will be much happier and have a better experience.

The nightly shows are really good, the disco opens at 11 pm we went twice, first night not so good, second time great time.

Most of our clients advise us that the planes do not tend to bother them during their stay.a lot. but it's not horrible on the beach because there are so many people. there are other things like food and service you should focus on A few planes fly over but you hardly notice them.

I don't think the resort is in the direct flight path.

...this food (and drink: alcohol or not) isd unlimited and included in your all-inclusive package (as well as unlimited liquor dispensor with four liquors and a mini-frige with cokes, tonic water, organge drink, water, etc.) stocked in your room every day. Did sit in the provided lounge chairs under a palm tree once on the beach.

Plenty of shaded areas if you are by the pool area...nicely decorated too!

In 2 restuarants only the entree is a al carte (salads, appetzers,desert and drinks are buffet) and the 3rd restaurant is all all buffet. Unless I'm misinterpreting: if the resort option you pick is all-inclusive, the cost of food, drink, and dining are included in the sale. One is buffet dining all the time for dinner and no reservations. The others you have to make reservations, so see the conceirge when you check in (hope I spelled that correctly). They also have lunch in one of the restaurants during the day and cook jerk chicken with rice and beans on the beach. Pricing and availability are subject to change at any time.

We paid nothing on food/drink between arriving at the airport and getting off the shuttle when it returned us to the airport. The also have a sport bar with sandwiches, nachos, popcorn, etc. We suggest that you book when you have found your ideal package so that you can be sure to get the best flight options, hotel and room type you hoped for. Don't recall about the umbrellas because we were kyacking and sailing that is included the whole time.

Ditch your 9 to 5 and get yourself to Riu Montego Bay. The deposit program is a great way to split your payments for your reservation.

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