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This would be a great way to encourage others to continue looking for their other half online. I was widowed and Lesley was a divorcee, both in out late 50’s.In January 2005 I received a message from Lesley via the Friends Reunited Dating site where we had both been registered for a while inviting a messaging correspondence.As far as I'm concerned I have found my best friend and can't imagine my life without him.

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We are blissfully happy and share two wonderful families with two small grandchildren and another on the way.

It proves the point that you are never too old to find true happiness in life, and all thanks to your wonderful website. He had a sensitive smile and looked like a really sincere man. As soon as he replied with not just the usual one line that most men can manage but a whole page of funny and genuine stories about himself and his family I knew we would hit it off and be great friends.

Two years on we are still very much in love and due to marry in November.

I am so incredibly happy that I have met someone I respect and love and will look forward to us growing old together.

I had been a member of Friends Reunited Dating for over a year, I was looking for friendship and companionship. It took several days for me to pluck up the courage to contact her, but I kept going back to the photo.

Once I had contacted her I was surprised that I got a reply, we then started communicating frequently.

Not to mention an entire country with less people than the state of California.

Dating options for Canadians can be limited or at the very least restricted during the cold months in most parts of the country.

That started what was to be a very fast and amazing journey to what have been the happiest days of my life. After only 6 days we met and decided to run away to Gretna Green as soon as possible.

We haven't, of course, because family is so important to both of us but we will be married one day, I just know it.

This is a selection of successful stories which members have chosen to share.

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