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No call, no text, no explanation, and probably no warning as well. A lot of us have been ghosted before – I was once, and it was really awkward. that's just lame." I didn't want to get in a huge confrontation, I just wanted to let him know that I thought he was a loser.

I know how to deal with a guy who is acting like a straight-up d-bag, but how do you deal with a guy who won’t return your texts, calls or Facebook messages? If you two were talking on a regular basis, and he suddenly hasn't texted you in a few days, don't feel like you can't reach out. Don't feel weird about sending a casual text like, "Hey, what's going on? It must have worked, because a few months later he apologized and begged for forgiveness.

Him ghosting you just proves that he's an immature coward who doesn't know how to deal with tough situations or emotions. Source: Shutter Stock Remember when I said that the best revenge is to act like you don't care? Give other people a chance to see what else is out there.

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For avid fans of the fastest game on ice, the National Hockey League's regular season is a mere dress rehearsal for the real campaign: the Stanley Cup playoffs.

Here's a look at 10 of the most memorable moments from NHL postseasons past. And from the time Canada's first brewery opened in the 1600s, the history of our beer industry has been an intoxicating one.

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Mergers and acquisitions, questions over suitable advertising, debates about the shape of our bottles, and the emergence of microbreweries -- these are just a few fascinating topics in Canadian brewing history.

So sit back, raise a glass and enjoy as the CBC Archives looks at Canada's beer industry.It’s really confusing and upsetting, and it leaves you feeling pretty awful. Grab some tissues, and read on: here are 10 tips on how to deal if your crush ghosts you (P. Source: Shutter Stock Whether you've decided to say something or not, one thing's for sure: you definitely shouldn't waste your time waiting for some sort of explanation from him. Source: Shutter Stock If it's pretty clear that this guy wants nothing to do with you anymore, and you're pissed and angry... It shouldn't be a huge, dramatic scene, but that doesn't mean you can't give him a piece of your mind. It’s when a guy you’ve been talking to and/or hanging out with disappears. Source: Shutter Stock One of the worst things you can do when you're being ghosted is to desperately try to talk to him by sending a bunch of question mark text messages and a million unanswered phone calls. When a guy ghosted me, I waited a while to give him a chance, then sent him a text saying, "Not cool.Things seem like they’re going pretty well, and then all of the sudden, he stops speaking to you. It’s mean, it’s immature, and it’s a really cowardly move on his part. Maybe he was waiting to see if you would say anything, or something like that. Acting like that is only going to push him further away - and it's also going to make him feel like he did the right thing about disappearing, and you don't want to give him that (wrong) satisfaction. If you didn't want to hang anymore, you could have at least have had the courage to let me know rather than leave me hanging... It's not worth your time to try super hard to get him to answer you, because it most likely will not work. If you guys had something going on, and he just vanished, you absolutely have the right to say something to him.

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