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Of course, this was a major flashpoint in the Console Wars.

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They use drugs to control you, they did it to me for a long time. Bulgarin lost a lot of money that night and he needed someone to blame. Ray was nothing to me until he started earning big and sticking his nose in places it didn't belong. Only, how much can I do with a guy who ain't a full Italian? It don't do too well for the reputation of us Pegorinos having St. You see the respect we're getting out on the street.

A ship sunk, the cargo sunk to the bottom of the sea, I had to swim for my life. I only start paying attention to the screw when they start putting me in an awkward position. Or because they got too much power and they're too smart to get themselves clipped.

I keep doing these favors for you and you pay shit. Since that little love affair ended, they've been getting this Russian guy to supply them with C. Now I'm on the front lines, helping tourists and fighting terrorists. Ray come up with this plan to keep a bit of distance between us and the robbery. They better not think of crossing that West River and not looking over their shoulders.

Not that I don't like guys trying to get in my pants. You was helping those Irish idiots cause some beef between the Ancelottis and their Albanian muscle a while back. He's in with the Ancelottis, the Dominicans up in Northwood, everybody. The manager of one of his waste depots was holding out on profits a couple a years back. There was this point where the sounds of his screams stopped and all you could hear was his bones crushin', then the pop of his skull goin'. : I can't believe them Pavanos would treat me like this. It means something in Alderney even if it don't in Algonquin.

I've got a suspicion those were the ones Ray Boccino got me to handle a while back. Me and some biker had to try to sell them to a diamond dealer and it turns into a blood bath.

Maybe we was going to have to give up them diamonds to fucking Ray Boccino but we woulda got a payday. : Yeah, but there is no guarantee we woulda made any money out of those diamonds anyway.

The game certainly takes advantage of the new hardware to the fullest - character models are much more realistically detailed and animated, as is just about everything else.

Set in the late 2000s, the story follows Niko Bellic, a veteran of the Yugoslav Wars who turned to crime in an attempt to track down the traitor who got his squad killed.

The whole lot spent in the proper manner, oh yeah, wine and women, as quick as possible, and remain a slave forever. So Aiden got caught with something when he was somewhere he wasn't meant to be. Is good they are on their way to a landfill somewhere. The population of Liberty City would have been higher if we had. Bulgarin in Europe, smuggling people across the Adriatic.

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