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However, in 2006 Handicomp began to develop the Golf Handicap Network with the intention of completely replacing Handi Net, and that time has come.Thank you for using Handi Net and we're sure you will enjoy the many new benefits of the Golf Handicap Network as your club switches you over at the end of this season.This number-thinking has me wondering how someone like me would stand up in a competition like the US Open going on right now.

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That means that with a 7.4 index, 15% are at my level or better and with 26 million golfers registering a handicap in the US there are about 3.9 million male golfers at my index or lower. On the positive side, half way through my first year of actually playing full rounds with a full set of clubs I have gotten down to a level that 1 out of 6 golfers reaches.

I know I had practiced the short game for more than a year before really starting rounds and that helped a ton, but the full-set rounds have only been since December 29.

On these days you will play a round of golf with other members that are compatible with your profile.

Typically a group will consist of 4 or 8 single golfers.

On the negative side, there are still 3.9 million men who are between me and the goal of earning a PGA Tour card.

I’m not daunted by this, just looking forward to future improvements and whittling that number down to a more manageable chunk.Handi Net has its roots in software dating back to the early 1980's.It became Handi Net in the mid-90's when it was integrated with web components that allowed certain information to be accessible via the Internet.The day that I break through the 4 handicap level there will be approximately 5 percent of golfers on my plain.Getting down to a 1 handicap will put me along the side of 1.25 percent of golfers.In the same way, having someone like me play Olympic during the actual US Open with a huge crowd and all of the distractions the players have to deal with would highlight just how tough these courses are. It’s probably not going to happen, but if there is a US Open contingent reading this blog, I officially volunteer to be the “average Dan” volunteer to play in next year’s Open.

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