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Am I alone in thinking that there has always been something ever so slightly sinister and unctuous about James Bolam?

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She told the Observer in 2012: “I didn’t know enough to be daunted by it at the time. but in the mad scenes she has a remarkable haunting quality…

You just have to grit your teeth and get on and learn to do it better.” The Evening Standard’s critic wrote: “Ophelia is played by a girl called Judi Dench whose first professional performance this only too obviously is.

The scenes that follow give full exposure to Matheson’s rippling biceps and the former Doctor Zhivago loses his shirt on a regular basis as the story develops.

“I’m not contractually obliged to take my shirt off in every scene,” the actor said.

Producers are seeking to match the impact of the famous scene of Colin Firth in his wet white shirt which helped the 1995 BBC adaptation of adaptation centred on the rival attractions of the Belgian “hunk” Matthias Schoenaerts as Bathsheba’s suitor Gabriel Oak, versus Tom Sturridge’s more delicate soldier, Frank Troy.

Schoenaerts, clad in a wet shirt while dipping sheep, was the winner with female cinema-goers.

The topless scene can signal a message to viewers that isn’t limited to eye-candy.

When Daniel Craig strode out of the ocean in his close-fitting blue swimming trunks in it wasn’t just a reversal of Ursula Andress’s bikini beach scene in Dr No.

It looks like she's made it when she hitches up with a fidgety young Jack-the-lad, played with feline grace by Hans Matheson, only to discover that he has problems of his own, and soon Stella finds herself back in the rut of misery and self-loathing that began with the child abuse hinted at in the film's flashbacks.

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