High school age dating rules

Sometimes I wanted to hang out with friends a little after I got off...

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during week, weekends for curfew as long as she keeps her grades up. She is now in College and does not go to bed till 2 and 3 am..

Of course she makes it work and is always on the Dean's List, so it works for her..

It is now a year and a half later, he is in college and doing well. Some of his friends got in real trouble and some of his friends failed classes and did not graduate on time. (Does she make enough for food, rent, clothes, insurance, etc.?

I know he was and she is 18, but they still need to follow your rules because your house is a home and other people live there. ) Maybe just looking at the $$ side of things would open her eyes.

Well, the rules we laid down were that he was home by on school night, midnight on Friday and Saturday, and negotiable for special occassions. If it is against your values to have her live with her boyfriend, you have every right to cut off the college money.

He was not happy about it and there were a lot of 'discussions', but my house, my rules. If she wants to live on her own, than she pays for Everything.

I'm sure that was a toughy for the parents, but it set the tone for the rest of the group of kids who know that young man. But, if you are moving, you are obviously an adult and you can make your own decisions -- BUT you can also pay your own bills.

LBC 18 - try to remember what you felt like when you were 18. I believe that she should still have a reasonable curfew on school nights - maybe .

She also has early release from school getting out at one day and the next day.

So, she and her boyfriend have plenty of free time together. She is a good student but is feeling her oats and ready to spread her wings and fly.

I was almost never out past 10 pm on weeknights so no official curfew was needed.

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