Hinduism views on dating dating man ex kids

From Asoka's statements it may be inferred that his missions were favorably received in these five countries. The Greeks who settled in India gradually became Indianized.Of the monuments which survive of the Indo-Greek dynasties is a pillar discovered at Besnagar in the extreme south of Gwalior State (140B.wrote, "It is not too much to say, that almost the whole of the moral teaching of the Gospels as distinct from the dogmatic teaching, will be found in Buddhist writings, several centuries older than the Gospels; that for instance, of all the moral doctrines collected together in the so-called Sermon on the Mount, all those which can be separated from the theistic dogmas there maintained are found again in the Pitakas." "There is every reason to believe that the Pitakas [sacred books containing the legends of Buddha] now extant in Ceylon are substantially identical with the books of the southern canon, as settled at the Council of Patna about the year 250 B. As no work would have been received into the Canon which were not then believer to be very old, the Pitakas may be approximately placed in the forth century B. and parts of them possibly reach back very nearly, if not quite to the time of Gautama (Buddha) himself. Edmonds, and Richard Garbe, have insisted on the Christian indebtedness to Buddhism.

He himself married a princess from Bactria, and a hundred of his superior officers followed his example and took Asiatic brides. C., held a Council at Pataliputra, when it was resloved to send missionaries to proclaim the new teaching throughout the world.

Pliny tells us of a certain Dionysius who was sent to India from Alexandria by Ptolemy Philadelphus (285-247). In accordance with this decision Asoka sent Buddhistic missions to the sovereigns of the West, Antiochus Theos of Syria, Ptolemy Philadelphius of Egypt, Antigonos Gonatas of Macedonia, Magas of Cyrene, and Alexandria of Epirus. Demetrius extended the Bactrian Kingdom into India and conquered Sind and Kathiawar.

Let us realize that Christianity was in a formative stage and Budhhism was both settled and enterprising., " A number of Buddhist legends make their appearance in the Apocryphal gospels and are so obviously Indian in character that it can hardly be maintained that they were invented in Palestine or Egypt and spread thence Eastwards." " The similarity of Roman Catholic services and ceremonial to the Buddhist is difficult to explain.

"When all allowance is made for similar causes and coincidences, it is hard to believe that a collection of practices such as clerical celibacy, the veneration of relics, the use of the rosary and the prominent ideas traveled from the older to the younger system.

Nothing is known of Jesus' life during the next seventeen years and there have developed a variety of legends suggesting that he traveled to India, lived with the Essenes at Qumran.

The Gospels, however, refute these suggestion by implication.

When some of the Buddhist legends and parables sound as if taken from the New Testament, though we know that many of them existed before the beginning of the Christian era.

"The curious may find matter for reflection in these coincidences in the lives of Buddha and Christ.

The Christian have a doctrine of incarnation fitting into their theology and their partial view of history and creation. According to the Eternal Religion (Sanatana Dharma) taught in the Gita, there are many divine incarnations.

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