History dating platform clock escapement

A lantern clock is square-ish, and is a wall clock, being hung from a hook on the wall.

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Early bracket clocks were wall-mounted and weight-driven but later models are spring-driven and are therefore table clocks.

Bracket clocks are distinguished by having a handle on the top and they are taller and narrower than a mantel clock.

The model 89 has the regulating square below the center of the dial.

These two types are evident in the illustrations above.

Every effort went into the timekeeping element of the clock, and all unnecessary interferences were eliminated. They are sometimes Longcases, but more often are Vienna regulators. In the 19th Century it became increasingly necessary for railway offices and commercial offices to have a good timekeeper.

Vienna regulators were made in large numbers to satisfy this demand.

Included in this broad category are lantern and Act of Parliament clocks.

Wall clock is a generic term for types of clock that must be hung on a wall.

These clocks were made of iron originally but later brass was preferred, often with thickly gilded dials. They have no pendulum, which was not invented until 1658.

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