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Once there, they were tasked with the impossible mission of seeking out and destroying the Daemonculaba.Engulfed by the Iron Warriors' civil war, Khalan-Ghol was under seige by the Warsmiths Toramino and Berossus.

I know who I am, and I don't give a greenskin's fart what anyone thinks of me." Honsou is a Chaos Space Marine and a Warsmith of the Iron Warriors Traitor Legion.

Honsou managed to attain the position of Warsmith (Captain) of his own Iron Warriors Grand Company despite heavy prejudice against him from other Iron Warriors Astartes for being a "half-breed" whose gene-seed came in part from the Iron Warriors greatest rivals, the Loyalist Imperial Fists Space Marine Chapter and from the former Iron Warriors Lodge Master Honourable Soulaka.

Despite his fellow Iron Warriors' prejudice, Honsou's abilities and tenaciousness helped him to succeed in becoming one of the Iron Warriors' greatest champions and a great bane to the servants of the Corpse Emperor.

During Abaddon the Despoiler's 13th Black Crusade in 999.

This process required an adolescent human boy to be sealed within the womb of a genetically-modified human female slave, known as a Daemonculaba, who had been impregnated with the stolen Astartes gene-seed.

The Daemonculabas either produced horribly mutated freaks known as the Unfleshed (who were cast out into the wastelands of Medrengard) or a new Chaos-corrupted Astartes ripe for incorporation within the Iron Warriors' ranks.

With the death of their lord, Berossus' men defected to the forces of the victorious Honsou, and joined his forces against the rival Toramino.

Leading a band of the mutant Unfleshed, Uriel once again infiltrated Honsou's citadel and successfully destroyed the Daemonculaba.

The Ultramarines enlisted the help of the Raven Guard Renegade Ardaric Vaanes, and his group of fellow Space Marine Renegades, to infiltrate the fortress at the height of the siege.

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