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The Inbenta Chatbot can uncover the intent behind each user’s question.

Instead of a long and generic answer, our chatbot will give a quick and precise response creating an intelligent conversation with the customer.

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There is nothing worse than knowing you are not giving your customer an answer which is readily available in your FAQs.

Only the best chatbots use artificial intelligence, NLP technology and machine learning to understand exactly what your customer is asking, no matter if slang, jargon or spelling is used.

Twyla / Germany / Customer support Helps Twyla is an artificial intelligence messaging platform that puts a smart chatbot in live customer support chat channels, to answer questions, deflect tickets and free up agents. TARA (Gradberry Inc) / USA / On-demand freelancer teams TARA has created an automated chatbot to target the rise of freelancer work.

To alleviate the burden of recruiters sourcing the right talent for their business the chatbot, named TARA, works as an automated recruiter and project manager that assigns pre-screened contractors to small business projects.

At the heart of any perfect customer interaction are an intuitive conversation, a seamless purchasing experience and no wait times.

The Inbenta Chatbot recognizes conversation context, uses webhooks to perform transactions and is instantly available 24/7.In so many words, a chatbot is a piece of software that allows digital communication with a service/product/company through text or messaging applications. So I wanted to take a look at what all the hype is about while doing some digging into the origins of chatbots and what the future holds for them.The first ever chatbot, ELIZA, was created by German-American author and MIT computer science professor Joseph Weizenbaum in 1966.We as a UX community should be gearing up for this.Here are a few resources and tips on chatbot UX: It’s definitely a bright future.Welp, little did Joey Weizenbaum know, the chatbot actually connected deeply with people.

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