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these bleeds are usually not officially “periods” at all but breakthrough bleeding instead, which is when your uterine lining builds up, lacks proper signal to release, and eventually breaks through. in some cases, lack of ovulation shuts down the entire menstrual process.

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The kidney system supports all reproductive organs (uterus and ovaries) and activities (sex drive! If you’ve got adrenal fatigue or “burnout” from doing too much and resting too little, your body may have no energy to produce an egg, hence why your period isn’t coming.

To get ovulation going, you need to rebuild energy in your kidneys.

There are several kinds of PCOS that women can experience on a PCOS spectrum, with specific root causes and specific natural treatments But – I know why.

I have helped thousands of women bring back their period, regain ovulatory cycles, and banish their symptoms.

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At your local health food store you’ll find plenty of herbal remedies and supplements for building kidney energy, but your body won’t effectively process the delicate herb essences if your diet and lifestyle do not also support you.

Luckily, FLO Living’s natural hormone-balancing protocol is designed to simply and effectively solve this issue through implementing the proper food and lifestyle plan for your unique female body – Cycle Syncing.

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Let me tell you–ovulation is important for every woman.

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