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The already serious humanitarian situation in Central African Republic (CAR) has worsened amid a spike in violence which threatens to overtake almost every area of the country, a top UN aid official said on Monday.Novigrad, once a peaceful fishing town, over the years has become a compelling touristic destination.

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The objective of the ITWG is to advance the scientific discipline of nuclear forensics and to provide a common approach and effective technical solutions to competent national or international authorities that request assistance.

Since its inception in 1995 the ITWG has been focused on nuclear forensic best practice through the development of techniques and methods for forensic analysis of nuclear, other radioactive, and radiologically contaminated materials.

Although being so popular among tourists from all around the world, Novigrad has to this day kept its intimate and irresistible charm of a typical quite Mediterranean fishing town.

Novigrad isn’t just a real architectural gem filled with astounding historical sights, rich cultural heritage and preserved natural beauty; Novigrad is also one of the top Istrian gourmet destinations where one can taste many gastronomic extravagance of the Mediterranean food.

Find your favourite Novigrad beach on the map - hover over the sun umbrella to see the beach name.

Click on the umbrella marker to be taken to the section of the page below that contains beach description, information on facilities and the photo gallery.

In church architecture, a crypt is a stone chamber beneath a church floor.

It was used as a chapel or a room for safekeeping relics.

Or just scroll down the page and check each beach one after ...

On the Aminess Maestral Hotel beach, in the vicinity of the centre of the town of Novigrad, discover Punto Mare - a centre for top summer entertainment!

Nuclear forensics is an essential component of national and international nuclear security response plans to events involving radioactive materials diverted outside of radioactive control.

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