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Two’s Company also employs a number of contractors to work on the company’s Facebook ads, website, database.

They meet with applicants in person first to see if their goals and the company’s approach are compatible.

If the matchmakers don’t think they can satisfy that person’s dating criteria — or if the person doesn’t meet criteria — they won’t allow the person to become a member.

Rather than swiping with no rhyme or reason, young working professionals seek more personalized dating assistance in a vetted dating network, so they apply for a membership with Two’s Company.

The Two’s Company team doesn’t take just anybody on as a client.

Say you hit it off with one of your matches and date that person for a year — no worries, whenever you’re single again and ready to meet someone new, Two’s Company will pick up right where you left off in your membership.

This gives clients the freedom and flexibility to meet someone and see where things go.Many members are blown away by the high-caliber people enrolled in Two’s Company.Sasha estimated that well over 90% of her clients have traveled overseas, attended university, and own a house. But, as her business grew, she needed help keeping everything running smoothly.Over the past 14 years, Two’s Company’s matchmakers have connected more than 6,000 Kiwis living in Auckland and Wellington.The two-person team claims responsibility for over 50 marriages and boasts a 90% satisfaction rate for all introductions.She meets in person with every member who enrolls, and she also handles all introductions, making compatible matches based on over a decade of experience in the dating industry.

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