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” We may never know why Evans “hate[s] the women of his people so much,” because that question is dumb, ludicrous, and nonsensical.

However, Duke’s claims about Captain America’s Semitic ancestry actually point us towards a fascinating origin story.

In Captain America Comics #1, the patriotic soldier was portrayed punching Adolf Hitler.

That’s right, kids—punching Nazis is actually an age-old American pastime.

“When their name was read, I wasn’t surprised, and I was really happy for them.

When I did see security or people coming onstage and their moment was being disrupted in some way I got really worried and then when they said ‘Moonlight, you guys have won’ it just threw me, more than a bit.“I didn’t want to go up there and take anything from somebody.

But thanks to a Twitter feud between Captain America and a real-life Nazi, we’re actually stuck in the middle of a Marvel film. Last Wednesday, Hollywood everyman Chris Evans (not to be confused with Pratt, Hemsworth, and/or the star of La La Land), set himself apart from self-righteous celebrity Twitter by bagging a virtual feud with a real-life eugenicist.

It all began with the confirmation of Jeff Sessions, a man whom Coretta Scott King may or may not have endorsed for Attorney General (depending on if you’re asking Coretta Scott King or Sean Spicer).

Next, Evans shared a list of 25 of Duke’s most offensive quotes.

It took David Duke three days to download the Picstitch app and build his clap back, but boy did he ever.

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