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Arnold – (Germanic) Powerful eagle Aron – (Italian) Exalted.

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Other forms: Garreth, Garth Gavin – (Welsh) White hawk Gavril – (Russian) Man of God Gaylord – (English) Joyous and brave Gcobani – (Xhosa) Be joyful Gcobani – (Xhosa) Be joyful Geert – (German) Brave strength Gelar – (Aboriginal) Brother Geoffrey – (Germanic) God’s peace Geoffrey – (Old German) Peace.

Other forms: Geffrey, Geoff, Jeffrey, Jeff, Jephrey, Jephry George – (Greek) Earth worker George – (Greek) Farmer Gerard – (French) Brave spearman.

Other forms: Byron, Byronne Barrett – (German) Bear Barry – (Gaelic) Spear Barton – (English) Barley town Basheer – (Indian) One who carries good news Basil – (Greek) Like a king Basim – (Arabic) The smiling one Bathandwa – (Xhosa) Beloved Beacan – (Celtic) Small one Bec – (Latin) To tie Beck – (Old English) Brook or small stream Bedrich – (Czech) Peaceful ruler Belen – (Greek) Arrow Benedict – (Latin) Blessed.

Other forms: Bennet, Benet Benen – (Latin) Kind; benevolent Benjamin – (Jewish) Son of the south or son of the right hand.

Other forms: Francois, Francisco, Frank, Frans Francois – (Latin) Free man.

Other forms: Franco, Franc, Frank, Franklin Frank – (Germanic) Javelin Franklin – (English) Free man Frey – (Scandinavian) Lord Frick – (English) Bold Fronton – (Latin) He who thinks Fulton – (English) Field by the town Fyodor – (Russian) Gift of god.

Other forms: Enner, Ennyr Enoch – (Hebrew) Dedicated; consecrated Enrique – (Spanish) Ruler of the household Enzo – (Italian) Crowned with laurels Eric – (Norse) Eternal ruler Eric – (Scandinavian) Ruler of all.

Other forms: Erich, Erik, Eriq Errol – (Latin) Uncertain Erwin – (English) Sea friend Esihle – (Xhosa) Beautiful Esihle – (Xhosa) Beautiful Eskil – (Norwegian) God vessel Essex – (English) East Saxons Ethan – (Hebrew) Strong, firm Ethan – (Latin) Strong, firm Etienne – (French) Crowned Eton – (English) Rich Evan – (Irish) Young warrior.

Other forms: Danny, Dan, Denny, Donny Daniel – (Latin) God is my judge Danior – (Old English) Born with teeth Dara – (Cambodian) Stars Darel – (Aboriginal) Blue sky Darius – (Persian) ) Maintain well Darrel – (French) From Airelle Darrell – (Old English) Beloved Darren – (Irish; Gaelic) Great.

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