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The globe symbol was designed by Saul Bass of Bass/Yager & Associates. The concepts were presented to the highest levels of AT&T management along with the design firm's recommendations as to which concepts should be considered the most promising candidate designs.It was from this group that the globe symbol was chosen to become the keynote graphic identification for AT&T.

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In 1984, the familiar bell symbol was transferred to the divested "Baby Bells," and Bass & Yager designed a striated sphere for AT&T, aiming to signify the corporation's international stature and the ascendance of digital communications." - to view the history of Saul Bass, and his notable achievements in film and design.

Due to the achievements of Saul Bass, including his design of the Bell System Stationery Manual and Graphic Standards Manual and iconic Bell logo in 1968, as well as the 1982 AT&T "death star" logo that would become the post-divestiture identity of AT&T from 1984 onwards.

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PAINTINGS UP TO 2014 Paintings of Julian's owned by collectors are grouped here under the categories Land and Road; Room and Window; He, She, They; Sky, Wall, Earthand Stories.

The impressed letters first appeared in 1860 with the year letter ‘O’.

From 1886 to 1897 the first 12 characters were re-used. Again from 1898 the letters A to I are re-used but are easy to differentiate as they also have ENGLAND within the Wedgwood marks.

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All Julian's unsold work up to March 2014 was destroyed when the building housing his studio caught fire on the 29th of that month.

All logos shown here are registered trademarks (TM) and the property of the Regional Bell Operating Companies, Lucent, AT&T or Bell Labs.

They are shown here for historical/archival purposes only.

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