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Of that, the ARSOF Board chose 600-packets for those three Regiments; breaking it down to 340-packets approved for SFAS, 225-packets approved for Civil Affairs, and 120-packets approved for PSYOP (now known as MISO, Military Information Support Operations)."Of the 860-total packets, 71-women applied for ARSOF positions.

Both denials cited they'd need permission from each officer by name, due to the Privacy Act.

"An important thing to remember is, these are volunteers.

Sixty-five were selected," USAJFKSWCS spokeswoman Major Melody Faulkenberry said.

"This was the first time females had the ability to choose Special Forces, and nine female officers marked Special Forces as their first choice in their packets," she added.

Maxwell commanded JSOTF-Philippines (Joint Special Operations Task Force-Philippines) and is now the Associate Director for the Center for Security Studies at the Walsh School of Foreign Service at Georgetown.

According to the course description, SFAS Cadre evaluates each candidate on eight core Army Special Operations Forces values, or "attributes" - integrity, courage, perseverance, personal responsibility, professionalism, adaptability, being a team player and capability.(SWJ Editor's Note: Award-winning freelance War Reporter Alex Quade first reported on this issue for The Washington Times. Get used to it," retired Special Forces Sergeant Major Billy Waugh, a former CIA Paramilitary Officer, stated. Kennedy Special Warfare Center School (USAJFKSWCS) confirmed, two female Army officers have been invited to report to Fort Bragg, North Carolina, in their first step towards earning the Special Forces tab and becoming a Green Beret.Here's the rest of her story, addressing the issues of standards, social engineering, "the brotherhood", and historical context.)) -- "I've worked with lots of great women at the CIA. Waugh, the author of "Hunting The Jackal," spoke to a room full of skeptical Special Forces brothers at the recent Special Forces Association conference in Jacksonville. Sadler, Commandant of the Special Forces Regiment at the U. Colonel Sadler said the two female candidates accepted their invitations for Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) class.Also, in 1981 no Special Forces tab was awarded, as the SF tab was not established until 1983.This in no way diminishes Wilder's contribution to Special Forces history.The earliest class they could attend would be this October, though neither have received orders directing travel to Fort Bragg for training yet.

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